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100 1st Ave. N.
Great Falls, MT 59403

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Global Mortgage and Credit, LLC
offers three direct solutions to
your financing needs:

  • Consumer Financing for Cars, Trucks, RV's, etc.
  • "Hard Money" Lending Secured By Your Collateral

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Residential Mortgage Origination
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If you are planning to purchase a home or investment property, Global Mortgage and Credit, License Number 183, can originate your mortgage with a variety of programs including:

  • Conforming conventional mortgage financingasdf
  • 30 Year conventional rate, flexible terms
  • Investment property and second homes
  • Raw land and equity loans

Consumer Financing and Lending

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Looking for that new or used car, truck, boat or RV?  Global Mortgage and Credit specializes in finding the right financing solution for consumers with "damaged credit". We offer secured loans for the purchase of autos, boats, RV’s and other consumer goods.  We can help you buy that car you have had you eye on, help you purchase a recreational vehicle or boat, or clear up other debts even if your credit history is less than perfect. We can also provide financing for consumer purchases even with a bankruptcy in your past.

Direct Money Lending

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Experiencing a short-term cash crisis or looking for alternative financing for your long-term project?  Talk to Global Mortgage and Credit about our secured lending program.   We offer cash financing secured by your existing real estate or other collateral to provide you with the working capital needed to clear up old debts or pursue new opportunities.  These “hard money” loans can be written in a wide variety of ways to accommodate your needs and we offer this type of financing throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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