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100 1st Ave. N.
Great Falls, MT 59403

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If cash flow problems are dragging your business down or bad credit is preventing you from getting a loan, Global Financial and Global Mortgage and Credit can work out a solution to solve your problems.

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The Global Companies – Global Financial, LLC and Global Mortgage and Credit, LLC are local, Montana-owned companies founded in 1987 with the resources and experience to work with you to find a solution to your financing needs.

Global Financial, LLC

Global Financial, LLC is an investment company based in Great Falls, Montana that began by purchasing performing, non-performing and charged-off existing loans from the FDIC and RTC as well as a variety of banks and credit unions. We continue to invest through these existing avenues; however, today, Global Financial has expanded into many different areas of contract, loan and note purchasing. We are actively working with a growing number of private individuals, auto dealers, contractors and other businesses nationwide to purchase their seller-financed real estate secured contracts or notes, their secured consumer loans or their commercial loans. Our investment capital works to fill our clients shorter-term cash flow needs by paying them cash now for their contracts. For example, we can purchase performing and non-performing consumer loans, can factor your accounts receivable for short-term cash flow and provide immediate payment on long-term contracts you may be carrying.

Global Mortgage and Credit, LLC

Global Mortgage and Credit is a finance and mortgage brokerage company with a three-fold focus:

  • Global Mortgage and Credit is a fully licensed private financing company in the State of Montana specializing in finding the right financing solution for all types of consumer loans. We offer secured loans for the purchase of autos, boats, RV’s and other consumer goods and cash loans secured by your vehicle or property. Global Mortgage and Credit specializes making secured loans to consumers with "damaged credit". We can help you buy that car you have had you eye on, help you purchase a recreational vehicle or boat, or clear up other debts even if your credit history is less than perfect. We can also provide financing for consumer purchases even with a bankruptcy in your past.
  • Global Mortgage and Credit is also able to originate large real estate secured loans providing immediate cash and financing throughout the Pacific Northwest. We can provide either short-term or long-term secured loans or bridge financing during development.
  • Global Mortgage and Credit also provides full-service residential mortgage brokerage services with access to interest rates competitive with any other available mortgage brokerage. Global Mortgage and Credit is also able to broker mortgages on hard-to-finance mobile homes, modular housing and raw land.

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