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Let Global Financial, LLC

turn your paper

into Profit!

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Global Financial, LLC specializes in purchasing your existing long or short-term contracts and turning them into immediate cash for you. Get paid now for entire contracts you will be collecting smaller payments on for years.

As an individual or estate, we can convert your seller-financed, real estate secured contract or note into immediate cash by purchasing your contractCharlie.jpg (26446 bytes) for deed.Get one large immediate payment rather than smaller payments over time.

For businesses, we can provide immediate cash flow to help your business grow or just meet short term needs by purchasing your in-house contracts, buy-here/pay-here auto contracts or, in some cases, your accounts receivable. We provide you immediate cash in exchange for future contract payments.

With over 15 years experience in the debt purchasing industry, Global Financial LLC offers you fast, fair and confidential service. Our existing clients include private individuals, estates, auto dealers, financial institutions, land developers and other businesses. If you are carrying owner-financed contracts or if your business regularly generates consumer buy-here, pay-here contracts, Global is interested in working with you to convert long-term potential into immediate cash.

If you have contracts you are interested in converting to immediate cash or would like to discuss potential opportunities, Contact us

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